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Is Rescue Bushel Legit {June} – Is It an Authentic Website?

Is Rescue Bushel Legit 2020

Is Rescue Bushel Legit {June} – Is It an Authentic Website? >> This article is written about a website that claims to sell cool gadgets.

Do you want to get utility products for home and office? Then Rescue Bushel website can help you in achieving these purchase goals. However, shopping on a trustworthy website is essential, where the products are genuine. So, go through this Rescue Bushel Reviews to know more about the claims made by this website, whether the products are real or not. 

This website has been gaining massive popularity in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Is Rescue Bushel Legit?

In the online reviews mentioned for this website, it was found to be a scam. The owner of the website operates So, the same person is running two different websites with two different domain names. The content of both sites is almost the same. 

The website has not been appropriately designed. 

The website does not use anti-virus agents like Norton and McAfee. So, there is no guarantee that your financial information won’t be leaked and misused once you shop through this website. They can also deduct money from your credit card without your knowledge. 

This website is a scam, so it’s likely that when you order products from this site, they won’t be delivered, or they won’t be of the right quality. 

The previous name of the website was Happy store, which was then changed to Summer Store. 

What is Rescue Bushel? sells a vast range of products, including a facial mask, a tricycle, a Dreambox, and a Kennel for training. These products are ideal for recreational activities. You can ride a tricycle or play outdoor games in the kennel. You can play in the kennel yourself or reserve the space for your pet. This website also sells useful furniture items like a two-level dog bed and a wine barrel. Both these items are required very much in the house. 

You can also get useful accessories such as a Tool Box on the website. Take your tools with you when you go on trips, so if a car breaks down in the middle of the road, you can repair it yourself. 

There is also a gravier machine sold, which can be used to print materials of different kinds. If you plan to start a business, you can use this machine to reproduce your packaging material. You can also get a Turntable from this website and use it to play music of different kinds. Play music on a USB on it or connect it to your computer through a wire.


  • Website: Furniture, Tools and entertainment products 
  • Address-Privacy Shield 225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 325, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 
  • Shipping time-15-25 days after the shipment 
  • Return-Not mentioned 
  • Refund-Shipping costs to be charged form the customer 
  • Mode of payment-Credit card 

Pros of getting products from Rescue Bushel

  • A range of products like a kennel for a dog is available. 
  • Prices are moderate 
  • Electronic products also available 
  • Shipment starts five days after placing the orders. 

Cons of getting products from Rescue Bushel

  • No exchange policy is written on the site
  • The owner’s name is not given anywhere on the site. 
  • Shipment can take longer if customs clearance is required 
  • Shipment delay can also occur due to carrier service 
  • Orders delivered by the postal service 
  •  Orders can’t be canceled after shipment has started 

What are the customers saying about Rescue Bushel? 

Online reviews of this site declare it to be a scam. However, it protects the buyers’ information through the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework, which applies to the transfer of data from Switzerland to the United States.

Another framework that is used for the protection of information is the EU-US privacy shield framework, which protects information transferred from European Union countries such as the United Kingdom to the United States. This website also delivers orders to Canada.

If you don’t want to incur any shipping costs, you can use the EUB delivery service. China has launched this EUB delivery service. You can easily track orders through this shipping service. 

The company Rescue Bushel does not take any responsibility for the quality of the products delivered by it. 

Many websites are running these days with .top in their domain name. 

So, if you don’t want your credit card information stolen, avoid buying from it. 

There is a considerable discount offered on its products which raises suspicions. So, our Rescue Bushel Reviews are not in favor of this website. 

Final verdict 

The website has been declared to be a fraud because it is quite similar to the website So, get products from this site considering your risk. Our Rescue Bushel reviews don’t recommend this site. 

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